Video Technical Consultants, Inc.

Media Imagery is everywhere, competing for our attention and our dollars. The images that capture our attention are the ones we remember. Those memories trigger events which cause us to act. 

The media professionals at Video Technical Consultants, Inc. model our business practices around that creative sequence, applying principles from our commercial experience with the emerging technologies of the research and development arena.

Our clients are those who continue to invent our future and keep us safe.  VTC, Inc. was founded to help those clients shape their markets and transition their disruptive ideas to government and academic end users, and eventually to the general public.

The challenge is always communication. How do we tell the stories of highly technical, detailed subject matter in an entertaining and informative way?  Those two concepts seem worlds apart.  But our ability to create the synergy between those two worlds has directly contributed to our success.

Our storytelling takes several forms: whether it is the Motion Imagery of our Visioneering Videos, Meeting Videos, Webcast Products or the hardscape form of our Trade show and Facility Design projects and services. Our goal is to help you tell your story, capture the attention of your audience, and trigger those memories which cause us to act.

Our Intro Reel is a brief historic timeline of VTC, Inc., from its founding in 1997 through today. It shows the variety of our capabilities and a sampling of the projects we have produced over the years for many of our DoD clients.

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