Facility Design

Video Technical Consultants, Inc.

After 15 years in the Motion Picture and Television industry, Bruce Gibeson was principle designer with a firm which won a subcontract to design and build a revolutionary facility for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in Arlington, CA. This facility had to be a highly integrated, functional presentation space, whose principle job was to introduce DARPA's next Big Thing.

DARPA is the federal government's Research and Development agency responsible for inventing all of the technological advances which govern our lives. In the early 1990s, that next Big Thing was the INTERNET.

"The High Performance Computing Enterprise" was designed with the latest computing and communications technology and was the country's access window to the National Information Infrastructure. The "HPC Enterprise" was designed to showcase the Internet and all of the latest DARPA communication technologies.

That success was followed by the Information Dominance Center for the Land Information Warfare Activity at INSCOM Ft. Belvoir. The IDC was the Army's national Information Operations Center. The IDC's companion facility, "IntelCell" was built two years later.  

VTC designed facilities focus on impact functionality and high concept style. 

Below is an early photo of the HPC Enterprise, DARPA's presentation facility introducing the Internet.
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