Visioneering Videos

Video Technical Consultants, Inc.

Our Visioneering Videos frame your idea and present it to your audience in a creative and entertaining way. In this rapidly changing, technology-based world, we present your vision for the future, the intersection between innovation and reality. You develop the ideas. It's our job to help you visualize them.

Our final product for the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, Human Performance, Training and Biosystems Directorate looks into the near future of Human Performance, Training and Interfaces in the DoD. While based on research and development efforts, this video represents one possible vision of the future and is designed to enable thought leaders, decision makers, and innovators to envision the art of the possible.

A similar example involved the new DARPA Office thrust of Cognitive Computing. To illustrate the impact of the new approach, VTC, Inc. brought in Leonard Nimoy as an on-camera and voiceover talent to give his credibility to Cognitive Computing.    

The Joint IED Defeat Organization wanted a high impact introduction of their mission and their approach to solving problems associated with the use of the IED as the weapon of choice of terrorists.  
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